olive-oil-pancreatitis-wisconsin-urgent-careThere are many health conditions that can be managed or even cured by proper diet. Acute pancreatitis can be prevented by two such natural substances: virgin olive oil and fish oil.

The reasons that these two substances work is because of the hycroxtyrosol and oleic acid that is in virgin olive oil. Omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil are also very beneficial. These all act to combat the development of pancreatitis at the cellular level. In fact, recent studies show that the high levels of hydroxytyrosol and oleic acid found in virgin olive oil can actually help mitigate or even prevent the condition.

The study was conducted to explore the feasibility of preventing and mitigating cell damage through the use of the Mediterranean diet. Researchers examined and documented changes that occurred in the fatty acid of cell membrane. They wanted to know how levels of fatty acid affected the response effectiveness of cells when there was damage, particularly in the case of pancreatitis. The fats that were used in the study were olive oil and fish oil, two of the healthiest types of fat.

It was found that in mice, pancreatic cellular damage was lessened or prevented entirely by the use of these anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances. While the benefits of fish oil are widely known, not so much is known about oleic acid. Doctors tout its effectiveness, though, as being the reason for the healthful properties in olive oil. It aids the digestive tract, allowing the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other healthful chemicals that are found in fruits and vegetables. It has also been shown to reduce a person’s risk of heart disease.